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Do I just attract conflict? Is there some invisible pheromone I exude that draws nuts to me like moths to flame? I’ve had a long couple of days dealing closely with the infuriating bureaucracy of Southern California. I suppose confrontations with losers are a natural part of that experience. Anyway, I found out I have to have knee surgery at the end of the month. I chose to get it done as soon as possible, because I hate waiting. There is “significant cartilage damage” on the back of my kneecap and places where it’s been worn thin. So there will be some removal of the floating bits of detritus, some smoothing of the worn kneecap, (I cannot help but think of Kruger Industrial Smoothing), and some evil physical therapy. I will not “have the mobility” I had when I was 18, but I wasn’t lifting weights when I was 18, so I have nothing to compare it to. Anything is better than nothing. So. There’s that. Yay! I’ll have a lot of time to write, though, which will be nice. I’ve been listening to the coverage of Santorum’s big donor’s Aspirin statement. Since when has it been controversial to suggest that women used to value chastity? I mean, we don’t have a universal human right to be whores. Or do we? I can never remember. I’m not calling sexually active women whores, by the way. It just isn’t a big deal that Foster Friess makes a reference to the days when sexual promiscuity wasn’t celebrated or considered inevitable. When women act as sexually, ah, indiscriminate as men, it doesn’t make us equal. It just leaves us empty. The message pushed by our sexual “liberators” is a lie and it damages us. I’ve heard it’s no good for men either, this conflation of promiscuity and masculinity, but I hear lots of crazy rumors. Maybe we should take an honest look at where our society has gone with all this “progress” and how empty we’ve all become. I see a lot of sad, lonely, joyless people who have everything, including anyone they desire, and it’s not a pretty sight.

10 responses to “Some stuff.

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  3. Th funniest thing about the aspirin joke was how many commentators didn’t get that it was a joke. I watched Andrea Mitchell’s reaction and she seemed mystified, and that seemed the standard reaction for the first day or so, until everyone was informed that it was supposed to be a joke. But before that the view seemed to be that the old coot was suffering from dementia.

  4. Really insightful thoughts about the absurdity of the reaction to Rick’s comments. When has it ever caused a woman harm to value sex in the context of marriage? Keep spreading the word.

  5. This isn’t 1984; it’s Brave New World.

    Keep us punch-drunk on mindless sex and look how easy we are to control! Just dangle free birth-control pills in front of us and watch the votes roll in.

    The sexual revolution was designed to clear away Family and Church so that the State could take their place. People have been lied to, have been sold a bill of goods.

    It’s about time we set off a preference cascade about sexual behavior, just as Rick Santelli ignited the collective discomfort we had with Big Debt.

    The country’s ready; make the Left regret it ever broached the subject.

    • Wow! Lady Di–blogoverse royalty!
      April has hit the big time again!
      I’ll shut up now.

      • Huh what?

        The only thing I do royally is cheese off Duane Patterson in the Tribble feed.

        • You have one of the sharpest minds on the Right and your comments
          improve any thread. Sorry for the ‘fan boy’ overreaction.

          Unless, of course, you did not write this, for example–

          How are we going to explain this colonization to our grandkids? When they read about how completely inverted the universities became, how will we explain why we didn’t stop this obvious insanity? It’s not as if they were working in secret. The textbooks and syllabi were right there for all to see, and the corrosive ideas regularly showed up right in front of our noses.

  6. Who knew that the Progressive dream of meaningless sex would turn out to be, well, meaningless. How could we have guessed it? I mean everything else we do presents increasing rewards every time we do it, no matter how many times we do it, right? Think of those pizzas you’ve had three times a day for the past twenty years. Yum! And your first beer? Nothing like the 10,000th you had at the bar yesterday! Spectacular! That crap we were sold about marriage and the concept of the family, which for the first time in human history provided men with obligations and a code of conduct demanding they temper their sexual desire and offer guarantees of commitment to women, while at the same time institutionalizing respect toward them as individual persons and a gender, was a load of hooey! We can now share the lives of our enlightened European counterparts that sit around in cafés all day, drinking wine, smoking cigarettes, and contemplate suicide until they ask the fair maiden to screw and she says “why not?” until they finish and go back to drinking wine, smoking cigarettes, and contemplating suicide. What a life! Don’t pay any attention to how porn has coarsened over the last decade, so that anything gets hits can be described as what is loving called a hatef*ck. Reviews are mixed as to whether
    vomiting when repeatedly orally penetrated and jizzed down the gullet is smart or stupid, though. But calling your beloved “slut and whore” is universally acceptable. We didn’t know stuff like that in the olden days. We didn’t know paying for stuff was denying access–especially when the price was low or even available for free–somewhere in every town. But not everywhere. Who knew that free condoms and birth control pills were the biggest problems we faced today as our country goes down the tubes? Besides Barack Obama and David Axelrod, I mean. Those are two smart dudes, right?

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