Just get the sex change already.

What the hell is wrong with these guys? I think it’s too much soy. McMaster’s got the moobs already.

The hoax involving the true identity of a Syrian lesbian blogger has taken another turn, as another man has acknowledged he is behind a lesbian blog that republished vivid accounts of revolt in Damascus.

A 40-year-old American man living in Scotland apologized earlier Monday for posing as a Syrian lesbian blogger named Amina Arraf, whose reported detention fueled attention that eventually led to the man’s confession that his blog posts had been an elaborate ruse.

Later Monday, The Washington Post reported that an editor of lesbian news website Lezgetreal.com — who encouraged Arraf and republished her blog entries — was a man named Bill Graber who used the name Paula Brooks as an online persona.

Graber confirmed his identity to The Associated Press, saying “LezGetReal was not meant to be deceitful or con anyone.”

This isn’t about raising awareness; this is about the freaks that hide behind online personas. These guys are exploiting the very people they claim to support. It’s disgusting. I’m thinking I’m going to avoid painting the entire progressive left with this brush at this point, because I think these guys need help.

Are there any lesbian bloggers out there that are actually female? Or are they a bunch of muffin-topped 40 year old college students with serious moobage?

13 responses to “Just get the sex change already.

  1. Okay, I admit it. I hide behind an online persona, Actually, I hide in front of my online persona, and avoid ever being behind him, as you might well guess, since he calls himself “The Astonishing FartMan,” and blogs about his disease at http://theastonishingfartman.blogspot.com/.

    • How could the elite not take someone as a serious writer when there are
      comments like this?

      To clear the air, I should point out that some of the greatest writers in history had flatulence
      issues. Shakespeare was often called “The Gassy Bard,” and female actors, rather than banned for moral reasons, actually were held back by nascent environmental laws, replaced with sulfur-miners, instead. Writings of the time often refer to the give-and-take of audiences
      to the plays, When Juliet says “But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?” the audience was know to shout “That’s not the only Bloody thing breaking!” And when Romeo
      said “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose .By any other name would smell ..” you can imagine. That is what brought the Royals to the plays and is probably the reason he was so successful. Now don’t get me started on the Brontë sisters.
      Anne, Emily, and Charlotte. Know why a many ceiling fans have five blades? They were invented especially for the trio, “a blade a piece and two for good measure.” And squirrel cage fans? That’s right, although back then the squirrel was also the power source and few reached the tender age of two around that house. I’m sure you heard of Milton and
      Areopagitica? The word literally translates to “open the damn window!” Of course this trend with gifted writers extends backward and forward throughout history. That might be the origin of the common expression “When a door closes, a window opens.” Now you know why. I could go on and on, but you’ll just have to wait for my 5000-page book on the subject
      to become available at Amazon. Negotiations are ongoing.

  2. I am indeed a 57-year-old female lesbian blogger and my blog is called A Conservative Lesbian.

    • And it’s a great blog, indeed.
      It’s worth a visit from everyone.
      Here. I’ll make it easy —


    • See, now if I had just gone with the lesbian blogger thing, I’d probably have a really cool blog like Cynthia Yockey, and be well on my way to a million hits!

      Of course, April has got a pretty cool blog, and she’s not just some middle aged guy with a cute photo and a balsy kind of feminine side out pulling a fast one.

      Is she?

      • The best way to prove it–and take note all you Steyn fans visiting because of that link–
        is to get April aboard that National Review cruise, November 12-19, 2011. There you can see that she is not some cyberspace phantom. There she can mingle with the movers and shakers that could help her make a career out of what she does, rather than just doing it out of love for all of us. Sure, Mark Steyn might need a couple of extra bodyguards–if he knows what’s good for him–but I know she will be on her best behavior. Send her to sea with
        Mark and Fred Thompson, S E Cupp, John Bolton, Kathryn Lopez, Bernard Lewis Andrew Klavan, Mona Charen, John Derbyshire, Jonah Goldberg, Dr. Charmaine Yoest, and the others.
        Hit that PayPal button to your right and let Mark Steyn know in his comments that he would be doing all of us a favor by getting involved in seeing that this gets done by making a personal, “behind-the scenes”effort to make it so. If anyone can do it–for a repeat Reader of The Day–Mark can !!!!

  3. After this, how can we be sure Hyacinth girl is real, without photos of her wearing a revealing bikini and holding today’s copy of USA Today?

  4. Seems like the whole lesbian thing gets a lot of play.

    Did I mention I was actually a lesbian?

  5. Let’s keep in mind that a very short while ago, this was being
    framed as a plot by Conservatives to promote Islamophobia
    and continuation of hostilities against the Arab people. We were told that we would be responsible for any future violence that resulted from the lie that would surely come.
    Our government’s Voice of America was at the forefront of these assertions. But just like all those racial “hate crimes” on college campuses and elsewhere, a “well-meaning”
    Leftist turns out to be behind it, and no retractions and apologies are forthcoming.


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